Camper Check-list


ALL Students should bring:


  • Harp (Rented harp must be reserved by June 15th.)
  • Harp dolly (if you use one)
  • Bench or Stool that you use one at home
  • Extra Strings that you already own
  • Music in ½ size black binder
  • Tuning Key
  • Tuner or tuning app on phone
  • Clip-on or oyster mic pick-up for tuner or earbuds for tuning app on phone
  • Pencil
  • Label everything with your name –  harp covers, benches, tuning keys, music bag, string bag, etc.
  • Comfortable clothing during the week
  • Good walking shoes during the week. Pedal harpists have your harp shoes.
  • Phones – students may use their phones at lunch, before or after classes, and in an emergency.
  • Optional: Harp or music themed clothing and accessories for our “harp dress” day on Wednesday.
  • Saturday Concert Attire: PLEASE ARRIVE DRESSED. GIRLS: All skirts and dresses must be below the knee when sitting and when standing. You may also wear black pants. No fingernail polish unless clear or pale pink. 1) A solid white or black top with black pants or black skirt OR 2) All black Shoes: Pedal harpists should wear shoes with a back or back strap around the heel. No flip-flops. BOYS: Solid white or black shirt with black pants. No T-shirts, please. Black socks with black shoes. Tie is optional. Jacket is optional.
  • You will NOT need to bring a music stand.

ON-CAMPUS Students

Label personal items:

  • Linens and Pillows: We recommend bringing double size sheets as they can always be tucked. The bed sizes are either double or twin, and often we do not know in advance.
  • Towels
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks (there will be a refrigerator in the suite)
  • Appropriate board games.
  • Phones – students may use their phones at lunch after classes or in an emergency. There is not a phone in the dorm.
  • The dorm will have wifi. Other devices are permitted in the evening but are difficult to monitor.
  • Prescription medications and allergies (including food allergies):

Notify Hope Cowan prior to the festival and again at the time of check-in.

Contact Ms. Cowan at or 507-993-4969.



Please contact Hope Cowan: ; 507-993-4969

Or Susanna Campbell at ; 281-620-0742