Camper Check-list

Please download and complete the General Release Form, Medical Release Form, and Photo Release Form found in the checklist below.  Bring with you on the first day of camp or submit in advance to


1) Harp (rental harps must be reserved by June 15th)

2) Harp dolly (if you have one)

3) Stool or bench if you use one at home

4) All extra strings that you already have

5) Music in a ½ “ black binder

7) Tuner or tuning app

8) Pick-up for the tuner. We suggest Schaller Oyster Pickup or the Clip-On Tuning.
Microphone available at Melody’s Music (281) 890-4500. You may use ear buds if you are using a tuning app.

10) Label everything with your name including harp covers, stools, binder, etc.

11) Comfortable clothes

12) Optional: Harp or Music themed clothing and/or accessories for our “harp dress”

13) SATURDAY concert attire:

  • Girls: Black dress OR a solid bright colored top with black pants or skirt.  All skirts and dresses must be below the knee or longer.
  • Boys: A solid bright colored button down shirt with black pants, black socks, and black shoes. Tie optional. Jacket optional.

14) You will NOT need to bring a music stand.

15) Medical Release Form

16) Photo Release Form

17) General Release Form


1) Linens: bed sizes are either double or twin, and often we do not know in advance, so we recommend bringing double size sheets as they can always tuck.

4) Snacks (there will be a refrigerator in the suite)

5) Appropriate board games and movies (we ask that you limit movies to G or PG)

6) Phone to call or text parents (there are no phones in the dorms, so your best bet is to send one with your child.)

7) Tablets are permitted but are difficult to monitor. The dorm will have wifi.

8) Any medications you may need, please notify Hope Cowan (, 507-993- 4969) about any medications you are bringing and also of ANY allergies especially food.


Please contact Hope Cowan: ; 507-993- 4969
Or Susanna Campbell: ; 281-620- 0742