Required Music

Music List for 2019

We offer 3 harp ensembles. Please read the descriptions below to choose your ensemble(s). You must be in Allegro Ensemble to be a member of the Encore Ensemble. Adagio Ensemble is for beginning/intermediate or players with less experience. Please ask your teacher which Ensemble music (see below) you should order. If you are unsure, contact Mrs. DeRosa at or 713-962-6923.

Have your teacher assist you in choosing an appropriate part from every piece listed in your ensemble. Prepare all of your parts before our week begins!

Harp students from different backgrounds and varying experiences will be attending. Some music could look hard and some music could look easy. You may simplify your part to accommodate your level of playing. (For difficult music, learn to play one hand very well. For “easy“ music, remember that there are other skills we will be working on, not just note reading. For you, there will be other challenges and opportunities for expanding your musicianship and leadership within the ensemble.)

Once you have bought your music, copy the parts you have chosen and put them into a ½” black binder for the festival. Bring your binder and your original copies to the Festival.

Please take note of the ordering details listed below with each piece.

ADAGIO ENSEMBLE (lower level)
This ensemble is recommended for beginning/intermediate incoming 6th – 9th graders and those inexperienced in ensemble playing. Lever and pedal harps.      


ALLEGRO ENSEMBLE (upper level)
This ensemble is for late intermediate/advanced 9th graders through graduated seniors. You are expected to have some experience with ensemble playing and be able to confidently play your part with correct notes, fingering, and counting. Lever and pedal harps.  

All selections for Allegro and Encore Ensemble have some or all parts playable on lever or pedal harp.




ENCORE ENSEMBLE     This ensemble offers an extra opportunity for advanced players in Allegro Ensemble who have sufficiently prepared their Allegro Ensemble repertoire.  You MUST be a member of Allegro Ensemble to play with Encore Ensemble.