50% refund on or before June 15, 2019. No refunds after June 15th.

ON-CAMPUS ROOM and BOARD at Houston Baptist University: $350

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (not included in the TUITION Fee)

LUNCH (Tuesday – Friday): $45
For commuters only. Students staying on campus have lunch, provided by the University’s cafeteria, already included in their room and board fee. Otherwise bring your own sack lunch.

CODA Classes are scheduled after hours. These classes bring special topics of interest to the students. We recommend these classes for students staying on campus and for any student interested in these special topics! Multi-level. Lever harp and pedal harp.

CODA class #1 -Confident Performing ($45) is held on Monday and Tuesday from 4:15 – 5:15.
Everyone can benefit from feeling more confident in performance settings. We want you to enjoy your performing! We will discuss and apply techniques to help you perform at your best by lessening the nervousness. This class includes a look at music preparation, mental clarity and a confident on-stage presence.

CODA Class #2 ($45) is held Wednesday and Thursday from 4:15 – 5:15.
In this play-along workshop, you will learn about the history and music of the harp in Celtic countries (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and the Isle of Mann). Learn two traditional tunes to add to your repertoire.

(Applications may be accepted after June 7 if openings are available and at the discretion of the Festival director.)

All materials required for the scholarship application(s) must be received or submitted on-line by midnight. Incomplete applications and applications received after June 1st will not be considered.